Core Faculty and Affiliates

The Center on Technology, Data, and Society is a hub of intellectual activity and innovation. Its core faculty comprises leading experts with deep expertise in policy evaluation and analysis, computational social science methods, and the application of big data for societal advancement and advancing theories of human and firm behavior. The faculty's research interests are diverse, covering critical areas such as the trends and impacts of information technology (IT), the role of government in fostering entrepreneurship and innovation, environmental policy and justice, and the dynamics of the nonprofit sector. This team is enriched by a wide-ranging network of interdisciplinary affiliates from ASU and across the globe, adding depth and breadth to the center's intellectual endeavors.

PhD students play a vital role in this vibrant ecosystem. They contribute to and benefit from the center's rich intellectual environment, gaining a sophisticated understanding of the research process. These students also have opportunities to co-author publications in high-quality academic outlets and receive advanced analytical training. The center's dynamic setting not only promotes academic excellence but also equips students with practical skills and knowledge. This preparation is crucial for their future scholarly contributions, ensuring they are well-prepared to address the complex challenges of our digital and interconnected world.