ASU and Hanyang University Mini-Conference

In February 2021, ASU's Center on Technology, Data, and Society and the Center for Computational Social Science (C2S2; at Hanyang University (HYU) in Korea held a virtual mini-conference on the theme of “Data Analytics and Computational Modeling for Social Challenges: Public Policy and Management Implications."

Both centers have several researchers working on research projects using data analytics or computational modeling to better understand and approach social issues. Invited researchers shared their working projects and discussed public policy and management implications with conference participants. 

Slides from the sessions can be found below: 

Exploring Green Gentrification by Linking Satellite Imagery, Land Use, and Census Data

Yushim Kim, Public Affairs, ASU and Michelle Stuhlmacher, Geography, DePaul University

PDF icon kim_stuhlmacher.pdf

Where Do Best Ideas Come From? Unpacking Idea Trajectories on Small World Networks

Spiro Maroulis, Public Affairs, ASU and Maxim Sytch, Management and Organization, University of Michigan

PDF icon maroulis.pdf

Inferential Statistics with Semantic Network

Jesse Lecy, Community Resource and Development, ASU

PDF icon lecy.pdf

The Grassroots Digital Economy in Real Time During Covid-19

Karen Mossberger, Public Affairs, ASU; Caroline Tolbert, Political Science, University of Iowa; Scott LaCombe, Government and Data Sciences, Smith College; Meredith McCullough, ASU

PDF icon mossberger_et_al.pdf

Mobility and Quality of Life among Wheelchair Users: A Study using Data from Mobile Devices in South Korea

Hansung Kim, Sociology, HYU and Jaehyuk Cha, Computer Science, HYU

PDF icon hyu_asu_joint_conferencemobilty_and_quality_of_lifev2.pdf

Identifying Cohesive Subgroups in Emergency Response Networks

Seong Soo Oh, Public Administration, HYU and Sang-Wook Kim, Computer Science, HYU

PDF icon oh_kim_presentation.pdf

Structural Inertia to Social Media Silence: A Multilevel Analysis of the Network Topology Effects on Participation Disparity in Facebook

Dongyoung Sohn, Media and Communication, HYU and Yong Suk Choi, Computer Science, HYU

PDF icon asu_hyu_network_disparity_facebook_2021.pdf