Our center focuses on two critical and tightly linked dimensions of information technology for governance, public policy, and society.

1.  The center examines related trends and impacts of IT use:   e.g., digital inequality, broadband, the Internet of Things (IoT), e-government, and online civic engagement, among others. 

2.  We engage in cutting-edge research that utilizes advanced and developing information technologies for analysis (e.g., computational modeling, computer simulations, data analytics). 

Thus, the center is concerned with technology for use and information access, and technology for analysis and public problem-solving (by governments, nonprofits, and communities). 

We are proud to be part of ASU’s School of Public Affairs, which US News and World Report ranked #2 in the nation in Information and Technology Management within Public Affairs programs in the last ranking in 2019. 

Additionally, our fellows are involved in the cross-disciplinary Data Analytics and Evaluation certificate program in the Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions.  

We promote faculty research and community engagement while training and mentoring students.  We are committed to working with policymakers, practitioners, and nonprofit and community organizations to translate our research into practice. 

Contact us at:

Center on Technology, Data and Society, 411 North Central Ave., Suite 450, Phoenix, AZ  85004


@ASU-CTDS on Twitter