AI, IoT and Smart Society



Individual knowledge of and interactions with IoT in complex systems, issues for government and industry, new applications for public good, policy for transparency and privacy, and processes for civic engagement on these topics



Inclusive Innovation in the Era of Big Data and the Internet of Things:  Pauline Cheong of ASU’s Hugh Downs School of Human Communication (PI) and Karen Mossberger (co-PI) are cooperating on a project funded by a seed grant from the Institute of Social Science Research at ASU. The project investigates user perspectives, experiences and outcomes associated with artificial intelligence and the ‘Internet of things’ (“IoT”).  The research team is currently analyzing the interview data, and a national survey is also being conducted for further analysis.

Reimagining Smart and Healthy Public Housing Communities: Together with the Phoenix Housing Department, researchers will examine whether the development of new technologies for monitoring health and open space can provide resources for improving the health of public housing residents.. Can AI provide customized feedback that changes health outcomes? Can privacy-protected cameras enhance the use of open space? Investigators include Karen Mossberger; Joanna Lucio, Associate Dean, Watts College; Pauline Cheong and Heewon Kim, Hugh Downs School of Communications; and Junseok Chae, Associate Dean, Fulton Schools of Engineering.

I-Squared (IoT Innovation) Collaborative: The Center on Technology, Data and Society is a partner in this collaborative with Fulton Schools of Engineering, Beus School of Law, Hugh Downs School of Communication, Herberger School of Design and School for the Future of Innovation and Society.  The collaborative brings together researchers from multiple disciplines to explore the potential and challenges of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, working together on grant-funded research and applications in communities and industries.



Bullock, J., Lecy, J. & Young, M. (2019). “Artificial Discretion as a Tool of Governance: A Framework for Understanding the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Public Administration.” Perspectives on Public Management and Governance.


Visiting Fellow

Sora Park, University of Canberra, May 2019