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Digital Inclusion Leadership Certificate

The Digital Inclusion Leadership Certificate is a collaboration between the Marconi Society, ASU’s Center on Technology, Data and Society and the Bob Ramsey Center for Executive Education at Arizona State University.

What is this?

A 12-week online certificate designed to prepare participants for effective planning, implementation and evaluation of broadband and digital inclusion programs.

Who should take this certificate?

Anyone who wants more background on broadband technologies and digital inclusion, including those who will be drafting plans and managing programs under new federal funding. The class is appropriate for participants from all levels of government as well as nonprofit or community-based programs involved in these initiatives.

Why take this certificate and why now?

With greater awareness of the “digital divide” in many communities during the pandemic, and historic levels of investment, now states, local governments, Tribes, nonprofits, and other organizations are engaged in new initiatives. This certificate will share expertise, experiences from around the country, and opportunities for networking to promote better planning and practice.

Presentations feature innovators who developed these technologies, organizers leading national coalitions on broadband and digital inclusion, award-winning university researchers and expert consultants, as well as prominent nonprofit and local government leaders who share their rich experiences on the ground.

What can I expect in the program?

The Digital Inclusion Leadership Certificate has 5 modules and serves as an introduction to digital inclusion basics, network technologies, planning and coalition-building, policy foundations, and broadband applications and impacts.

  • Each module is focused on a series of professionally produced videos with experts in policymaking, digital inclusion programs, and academia.
  • Modules may be taken individually, though there is a discounted price for registering for all 5 modules.
  • The course employs a cohort model. Participants taking multiple modules will proceed together to encourage professional networking.
  • While the course is asynchronous, online discussions and an optional “office hour” for each module will be available to interact with other participants and instructors.
  • The curriculum offers optional resources (including articles, reports, organizations, maps and data) for individualized learning. Participants can go into more depth on topics of interest and familiarize themselves with organizations and publications for keeping up with the field in the future.
  • Discussions and assignments will challenge students to reflect on module topics in relation to their own communities or organizations.

Module descriptions

Details of our module descriptions can be found in our curriculum summary section

  • PROGRAM COST - $750 per module, or $3,000 for all 5 modules
  • Nonprofit Discount - $2,000 for the full certificate or $500 per module
  • As of the first day of class, program registration fees are non-refundable

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