Digital Citizens and Communities

Digital Citizens and Communities

Access and use of digital technologies and information, and impacts for individuals and communities



Venture Forward: The project is a collaboration between, the University of Iowa and ASU.  It examines the density of “ventures” (domain name websites) as a measure of digital participation in communities throughout the US.  It captures local economic activity not accounted for in small business statistics or other government data.  The project examines the relationship between venture density and local prosperity and opportunity across counties and metropolitan regions using a dataset of 20 million GoDaddy customers in the US.

Executive Summary

White Paper:  A New Measure of Digital Participation and Its Impact on Economic Opportunity


Venture Forward website and data with interactive maps

From ConnectHome to Smart Public Housing:  Evaluation of the Phoenix ConnectHome program for discounted broadband, computers and training; and planning for smart housing initiatives, with Joanna Lucio (PI) and Karen Mossberger (co-PI).  Evaluation includes a field experiment with tablets, surveys and focus groups on broadband use.  Collaboration with City of Phoenix Housing Department.

Broadband Data Portal: University of Iowa and Arizona State University.  Data and repository supported by National Science Foundation Broadband Community Capacity program award #1338471, available in the menu above.  Also available on Harvard Dataverse.  The state, county, metro and city data posted here offer unique data over time, from 1997 to 2016.  Through the use of multilevel models, estimates were created for these subnational geographies based on large-sample surveys of the U.S. Bureau of the Census – the Current Population Survey Internet Supplement (1997-2012) and the American Community Survey (2013-onward). The data show substantial and persistent disparities across communities in the US, both urban and rural.



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Texas Technical University, Master of Public Administration Speaker Series. How Broadband Adoption Affects Community Prosperity and Opportunity.  February 2019, Lubbock, TX.