Digital Governance


Use of technology in government for service delivery, citizen engagement, collaboration, openness and transparency



Connecting Cuyahoga County:  In collaboration with Connected Insights/Cuyahoga County, Karen Mossberger and Shawn Novak contributed to a report on the benefits of increased digital inclusion for county administration and residents. The report outlines how investment in efforts to increase digital inclusion would improve Cuyahoga County, OH service delivery in many ways.

Schartman-Cycyk, Samantha, Karen Mossberger, Bill Callahan, Shawn Novak, Amy Sheon, Angela Siefer, Erika Mancinas, Seong K. Cho. July 2019. Connecting Cuyahoga.  Investment in Digital Inclusion Brings Big Returns for Residents and Administration. Available at

Digital Inclusion Leadership Certificate:  Capacity-building for policy and management, broadband and digital inclusion.  Certificate program for governments and nonprofits, in partnership with the Marconi Society and the Bob Ramsey Center for Executive Education. 


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Karen Mossberger.  Named one of World’s 100 Most Influential People in Digital Government 2019.  International list of practitioners and academics, Apolitical Group Limited, UK.


Visiting Fellows  

Norbert Kersting, University of Muenster, December 2019

Marianne Kneuer, University of Hildesheim, February-March 2020 and March 2022